The key to a successful migration and benefits of moving your website to the cloud - part 3

Being able to react to changing customer behavior is essential for business continuity and especially in a time when your website is more important than ever. Keeping your website fast, available and secure are vital parameters to be able to cater to your customer's needs.

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The Three Questions of a Content Migration - The Functional and The Procedural Question

In the third part and final part of our migration webinar series, you will gain an understanding of techniques and best practices you can use when migrating your content from one CMS to another.

This section will discussed the specific technical and process questions about how to manage the migration.

  • How will the new content work in the new CMS?
  • What integrations will need to be rebuilt?
  • How will actually move the content and users?
  • How will you redirect URLs? 

Who is the webinar for? If you’re a Developer, Web Manager or Project Manager wanting to understand the procedure of migrating a website. 


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