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Recommended practice: Get Started with Content Marketing for E-commerce

Learn how editorial content have been employed by major brands to increase conversions, get advice on how to get started, and see their results.

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Scott Brinker

"A little marketing technology still can make a big difference."

Scott Brinker believes that marketing today is in the midst of a disruptive evolution unlike any other seen in the past 50 years. To adapt to this new landscape a new species of marketer must emerge: the marketing technologist.

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Outspeed the competition: See how you can go from spotting a trend to launching a new campaign on your e-commerce site.

EPiServer Add-on Store — The Agile Advantage

Increase speed to market. Reduce risk. Enhance your platform over time. Get immediate access to innovative new functions and tools with a minimum of configuration – certified by EPiServer.

Top 3 add-ons

  1. Silverpop Marketing Automation
  2. Google Analytics
  3. Agility Multichannel PIM

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“Having four sites integrated into one e-commerce solution is like having four stores in the high street, with an option to shop in all of them at once.”

Ian Wright
CEO, Fusion Retail Brands

“The thing that really helped us choose EPiServer was the ease-of-use. It was just light years beyond the tool we had before.”

Beth Zindel
Marketing Operational Manager, ASPECT

“With comments, reviews and a dialog between and with our users – something typically missing in B2B e-commerce – we gained a competitive advantage.”

Eric Harke
VP eCommerce & Product, Innerworkings, Ltd.


The Skill Gap in Modern Marketing: A Short Survival Guide for Aspiring Digital Leaders 

By Joakim holmquist 

At its core, modern marketing boils down to one single thing: delivering experiences that are of such high quality that users stick with you and come back for more. To deliver such experiences, managers as well as marketers need a new set of skills.

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