Improved online experience for SF Anytime

SF Anytime interacts with its customers through a new and improved online experience for its video-on-demand service. Episerver offers top quality online solutions and services s as well as hosting with market-leading reliability.

So when SF Anytime was looking to provide a bigger, better and more interactive online video-on-demand hire service for its customers in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, Episerver seemed a logical port of call.

"Our sister company, SF Bio, had already chosen Episerver CMS as host for its sites in Sweden and Norway, and this made choosing Episerver CMS and Episerver Commerce even easier for us as we may well decide to work in closer cooperation with SF Bio in the future," explains Fabian Bonnier, Project Manager at SF Anytime.

A flexible platform

The old site was difficult to navigate, problematic for Mac users and cumbersome to administrate, edit and update.

"Our task is to produce a site that inspires consumers to find good films they enjoy, and to make the whole process of hiring and paying for the films as pleasant as possible. Now we have a tool that manages the content of the site that is flexible. It can be expanded to include new functions, is easy to administrate, and is very straightforward to edit and add even more interesting content to the site. This makes life easier and more fun for both the consumer and for us working back office administrating and editing the site," says Fabian Bonnier.

E-commerce point of view

"Once we had taken the decision to produce a new site, we approached it from an e-commerce point of view. The main purpose of the site is to generate revenue, apart from of course providing a good service and expanding the SF products to a wider audience, anytime, anywhere," says Fabian Bonnier. We considered various options, including building our own site from scratch. On closer inspection we could also conclude that the Episerver Commerce module fulfilled our requirements extremely well, so it seemed quite natural to choose Episerver Commerce" continues Fabian Bonnier.

Consumer-friendly website

SF Anytime's main objective was to develop consumer-friendly sites to create the opportunity of maintaining a dialogue with the media and consumers alike. The objective is to encourage more consumers to view films in their own homes, at their leisure. To be successful, SF Anytime realized that the user experience is crucial and that a forum where regular film viewers and enthusiasts can quickly and easily search, find and share– general information or a particular film, will have an impact on the result.

Episerver Commerce enables SF Anytime to easily show selections that other customers has made, and adding a social commerce touch by displaying ratings for the movies. Consumers can leave feedback ranging from simply rating the film to providing more editorial reviews that other consumers will find beneficial when making their own film choices. Finally, the payment process is made simple to navigate by employing the Episerver Commerce module.

"We want an editorial tool – not just a site presenting a load of products. We want to be able to write about the films and provide editorial reviews," continues Fabian Bonnier.

"It's also important that the media can leave their comments and that we can collate reviews by film critics and bloggers. We carry 3,500 films, and want our customers to be able to find great films and ones they will personally enjoy. We don't want all the focus to be on the latest, chart-topping successes.", says Fabian Bonnier.

Four separate markets take globalization support

And while Sweden is considered to be the main market, the other three sites are independent services requiring translation and adaption to the local markets.

"The product range available in these four countries is very similar, but not identical as we own different rights in different countries," says Fabian Bonnier.

Episerver CMS provide great globalization support for easy language maintenance and overview as well as side-by-side comparisons of pages in several languages.

Uses the website as the hub for their customers

For SF Anytime, selecting a platform that they can continue to grow with in the future was critical. This new website format is one step in the right direction, but they have even bigger plans for their online presence.

"Our objective is to get more consumers to watch more films – and preferably via our service. And although consumers can choose whether they wish to watch online or access our films via smart TV apps and Android tablets, they have to go to the website to set up and manage their personal account, so the website serves both as the hub of our service and the consumer's key to his or her own account," explains Fabian Bonnier.

Marketing resource for operators and potential partners

While end-consumers are a huge target group for the site, an equally important target group is other industry players: the site is also a marketing tool towards operators and potential partners.

"We work in close collaboration with consumer electronics companies launching smart TVs. They promote SF Anytime because we provide films through their app stores, and consumers who want to watch films using these apps need to set up an account with us on our website. And this also generates traffic to our site," continues Fabian Bonnier.

SF Anytime – Offering video-on-demand services to Nordic consumers

Launched in 2002, SF Anytime is a video-on-demand service that primarily offers films to consumers in the Nordic and Baltic regions. Initially presented solely as an Internet facility, the company has since expanded into other media interfaces such as smart TV and Android tablets. SF Anytime currently offers approximately 3,500 titles, and aims to expand its offering by a further 1,000 titles per year.


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