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Customer experiences that drive sales

With Episerver's platform for digital commerce, you can provide outstanding customer experiences that help you drive sales across all channels.

Quickly launch content and campaigns

Creating a new campaign has never been easier with Episerver Digital Commerce. Its flexible layout control means you can drag and drop content and product information to instantly create new campaigns. This helps you drive more sales faster.

The campaigns are also automatically optimized for any device. To further speed your time to market, once a campaign is created it can be easily reused across multiple pages, sites and channels. With Episerver, you can become a truly agile merchandizer. .

Digital Commerce Campaigns 

Behavioral merchandising

Episerver Commerce analyzes visitors’ behavior and uses these insights to increase sales. The platform includes a self-learning mechanism that automatically generates personalized recommendations, such as best sellers, new arrivals, and “you may also like” tips. This boosts the average order value without having to build complicated rules.

The advanced search function also enables you get the right products to the right customers, at the right time. Auto-suggestions that learn from past behavior encourage more specific searches and keep the most popular items for any search query at the top of the results page. This leads to increased conversions by helping visitors find what they want.

Behavioral merchandising

One platform, multiple channels and markets

With Episerver Commerce you can easily connect all of your channels so you can deliver consistent, relevant experiences for your customers – no matter where they are or what device they are using. With just one click you can launch campaigns across several channels at once.

When you are doing business in several markets, our platform also helps you set up and manage multiple sites without costly development. Product and marketing information can be easily adapted for local languages, currencies, payment types and taxes. Episerver Commerce also gives you quick access to your sales performance by market or brand, so you can use these insights to optimize regional sales.

Multi-Channel Commerce

We’ve got your back

Everyone can use a helping hand. Our support team knows what it takes to develop great digital experiences, and will get you back on track in no time. Add to that great documentation, a fluent .NET API, and easy-to-use templates, and you will always have your back covered.

We also provide training and expert services to help you get the most out of your products – not only when it comes to the technical details, but also best practices to create that extraordinary online experience.

What are the results? We have the highest customer satisfaction rating and thousands of customers depend on our services to get higher conversion rates, improve customer service and increase operational efficiency.

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