Web Content Management

Content is everything. Manage it wisely.

All web content management systems are not born equal. With Episerver, editors and marketers can both create and experience content simultaneously. This means you can see exactly what your audience will see, in the way they'll see it, whatever screen or context they are in.

Craft online experiences. Smarter and faster than ever before.

Our experience editor shows you only what you need at a given moment. No clutter, no confusion. The combination of an excruciatingly simple user interface for crafting experiences and powerful tools for marketing your content, business users are empowered for speedy, targeted execution.

  • 1
    Create content directly on-page and see your experiences come alive, just as any visitor would.
  • 2
    Work any device first with all functionality available. Switch device or channel with the click of a button.
  • 3
    Interact with all types of content in one coherent and intuitive way. Drag and drop blocks, media, videos, forms or pages onto a desired area and they will automatically snap into place.

The Experience Editor

Intelligent content. Unlocking the potential of your assets.

All content that you create in Episerver is intelligent. This means it can be used on all sites, screens and channels and that it will automatically adjust to fit the layout. The experiences that you create will also become smarter over time, as the system learns from your visitors and decides which content to surface more often.

  • 1
    Automatic layout management empowers content creators to display information as they want, while staying consistent with brand guidelines.
  • 2
    Personalize blocks and pages to show the most relevant information for each of your customer segments.
  • 3
    Content blocks marked with stripes have been created in more than one version and will self-optimize to show the version most likely to entice action.

Managing Mobile Experiences

State-of-the-art search and navigation technology

Search is where technology and behavior meet and the search page is the place where it happens. Drawing upon more than twelve years of experience, we let you create the search experience that helps your visitors find what they want easily and intuitively. The end result is visitors that receive better service, find the products that they want and return more frequently. With minimal effort from you.

  • 1
    Intelligent autocomplete suggests common search terms, and promotes search terms that give higher conversion rates,  without manual involvement.
  • 2
    Search results that are spot-on, using advanced language technology and behavioral tracking. Finds all content in any source: pages, blocks, products, people and documents.
  • 3
    Sophisticated faceting lets the visitor drill down into search results quickly and intuitively.

Enterprise Search

We’ve got your back

Everyone can use a helping hand. Our support team knows what it takes to develop great digital experiences, and we will get you on your way in no time. Add to that great documentation, a fluent .NET API, and easy-to-use templates, and you will always have your back covered.

We also provide training and expert services to help you get the most out of your products – not only when it comes to the technical details, but also best practices to create extraordinary online experiences.

What are the results? We have the highest customer satisfaction rating, and thousands of customers depend on our services to get higher conversion rates, improve customer service and increase operational efficiency.

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